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Study Break at Shakespeare’s Pub

A little snow to kick off finals isn’t that bad! 

6th St.

Unfortunately Austin didn’t receive any snow. All of the meteorologists said there was a 60 percent chance it was going to snow on Friday, but Austin received about five flurries.  All the snow was either in the hill country or Houston. After being disappointed with the meteorologists’, my girlfriends and I decided to just go to 6th Street before Hell Week …I mean Finals Week, begins.

Inside the Pub

I was having fun!

Some Friends

 The last few days have been very cold, but it didn’t stop us from celebrating  Hunter Lawrence’s 46 yard kick Saturday night against Nebraska. It’s was freezing outside, but all of UT (who didn’t go to Dallas) were on 6th Street.

 My girlfriends and I went to  Shakespeare’s Pub on 6th Street and between San Jacinto and Trinity. The club was completely packed. Even to get in the bar, there was a 10 minute wait. Once we finally got inside, the atmosphere was pretty exciting. In the back room, there was a romantic setting aligning the stage. Candles were lit, lights draped from the ceiling, and a huge Christmas tree was in the corner. The DJ played great music. Everything was the latest music in Hip-Hop and R&B—which is hard to find in Central Texas.

 I have been there before, but it I’ve never stayed longer than 20 minutes. But on Saturday, we stayed the entire night. It was a nice late night study break especially after the big win against Nebraska.


Ladies Night Out!

Happy hour…the place where you can kick back and enjoy a beer from one of Austin Brew’s  selections, or a simple cocktail.

As an early pre-party Thanksgiving celebration, a few of my friends and I went downtown to  McCormick & Schmick’s  for their late night happy hour. Their usual happy hour last until 7pm, but their second happy hour is from 9-10 pm.  This works out great for my schedule, since I’m a busy college student who  works and goes to school.

 McCormick & Schmick’s  offer great seafood dinner plates that cost about $20 during normal business hours. The place would be ideal for a nice romantic date. During happy hour, a few selected items cost $1.95-$4.95.

Laura looking at the menu.

I really enjoyed McCormicks, it’s affordable and good. Appetizers during happy hour are cheap. I was really hungry so I got calamari, buffalo quesadillas, and a Sangria. I’m usually a margarita type of girl but since they don’t offer frozen margaritas, I’d thought it would be nice to try a new cocktail.

Buffalo Quesadillas


Fnan Gelai

Graduating UT senior Fnan Gelai said she would go back to McCormick & Schmicks. “I really like it a lot it’s a really good happy hour for college students. I think it’s very reasonable and the food was good…but they need to have frozen margaritas,”said Gelai.

Overall, the night ended great. We are all so busy that it was great to meet up and unwind for girls night out.


McCormick & Schmick’s Seafood Restaurant
401 Congress Ave.
(4th St. and Congress Ave.)
Austin, TX 78701

Phone: 512.236.9600
M-WED: 11:00AM-10:00PM
TH-FRI:  11:00AM-11:00PM
SAT:        4:00PM-11:00PM
SUN:       5:00PM-10:00PM



Poetry Slam & Dance

In a recent blog, I posted something about a new group karaoke smack-down  that would be a fun place to go after work. That competition was exciting but tomorrow night will be the ultimate smack down of words and jazz hands. It’s the weekly Austin Poetry Slam, Vocal, and Dance Competition put on by O.P. M Entertainment. This is one of Central Texas’ premiere places to be for Thursday late-night cocktails and fun. There’s live entertainment, with everything from rhythmic dance moves to expressive poetry. All of this will surely awaken even sleep-deprived college students.

Courtesy of O.P.Ms Facebook Profile

A few People on Stage

Lyricists, dancers and singers from all around Austin are welcome to participate or just sit back and watch the show. Spoken word and dancing is every Thursday night at The Parish Room , located on 214 E. 6th St.  After each poetry and dance battle,  The Parish Room turns into a club playing the top Hip Hop and R&B music. DJ Dontizl mixes the hottest music until 2 AM.

DJ Dontizl

Creator of O.P.M Entertainment, Chas Moore, said “We bring you four events in one night.
[It will be] hosted by two-time Austin Poetry Slam Champion, Christopher Michael.”
 I have to admit O.P.M events are pretty exciting. There last major event, besides the poetry competitions, was the Jay-Z concert after party. While there were several other parties for Jay-Z, many people who attended the one by O.P.M said it was one of the best.  O.P.M. events are always pretty successful and every once in a while you’ll spot a Hip Hop celebrity at an event.

Cocktail Hour

Performances have the opportunity to possibly win $1000 in each of the three categories—poetry, dance, and singing. So if you think you have what it takes to impress Austinites with  creative expressions, this might be a great competition to enter. But if you’re really good, the top acts compete in the The Showcase for a $5000 cash prize, later in the year.


Late Night Soul Food

With all of our pastry posts, I thought it would be nice to help you expand your waistline with something different. Soul Food, the tasty artery-clogging treat for your soul!

Outside of Hoovers

Hoover’s Cooking located at 2002 Manor Road (walking distance from The University of Texas campus  ) has the “crème de la crème” in southern cooking.  The owner, Hoover Alexander credits his success to his mother’s East Texas Cajun cooking. The menu has everything from fried chicken and mashed potatoes to muffuletas for vegetarians.

Each plates cost between $10-13, but it’s worth it. They serve HUGE portion sizes, so you can take some of your leftovers home. My dad, whose 6’3 and 200+ pounds, had to take home a doggy bag because he was stuffed. 

Catfish Plate

Catfish Plate

Chicken Fried Steak

 Interview with Jessica, an employee at Hoover’s.

What are your hours?

“We’re opened Monday through Friday 11am-10pm and 8am-10pm on weekends.”

What do u recommend for a vegetarian?

“Ummmm, we have a veggie plate. You could order a lot of sides. You could do okra, salad, macaroni and cheese, mash potato and gravy. We have a lot to choose from. We even have a smoked sandwich called The Bella Muffuleta.”

What’s the most popular dish?

“It’s definitely the fried catfish or the chicken fried chicken. The pork ribs are the most popular too.”

What’s the price range?

“Maybe about 10-13 per plate. We have happy hour from 3pm-6pm. Margaritas and min sandwiches are cheap. Or you could get four wings for $3.”

This is definitely one of my favorite places to go, when I want to cheat on my diet.  Bon Appetite!


Morning Art Tours on the Eastside

Today at my internship with KXAN Austin News, I interviewed a few local Austin artists. This was one of the few interviews I was allowed to do by myself, so I was super excited! It was just me and Frank, the cameraman. The story I worked on is for the upcoming E.A.S.T. (East Austin Studio Tours) event.

The tours started in 2002 with only 20 artists. Today the tours showcase over 300 artists exhibiting—art, furniture, jewelry, paintings and more.  This is a FREE event,  but bring your check book just in case you want to make a purchase.

Since I’m currently interning at KXAN I’m not allowed to take any footage/audio—that hasn’t aired—from the interviews and post them on this blog. But since I interviewed each person I posted a few of their comments below and snapped a few candid photos. The reporter’s story will air Friday morning, November 13, between 5 -7 AM on channel four. If you miss the show, there will be more information on the KXAN website.


Adam showing Frank artAdam Carnes/Organizer of E.A.S.T

Where are the tour stops?

“All of the tour stops are in East Austin. [Tours are] east of I-35 and north of the river.”

Are you all doing the Yellow Bike Project this year?

 “Yes… the Yellow Bike Project fixes up bicycles and paints them yellow. You can pick up  a bike and ride it to another stop on the tour or leave the bike and get another one.”

What do the artists sell at E.A.S.T?

“It varies from studio to studio but you can buy t-shirts for $15. Some of the paintings [sell] for thousands of dollars. All of the artists keep the proceeds for their own sales. E.A.S.T. doesn’t get any part of their commission.”

                                                Brian Halloran/Painter Brian adding finishing touches

Describe what the event is like for an artist.

“Well this is my first time doing it. The event hasn’t even started yet, but there have already been hundreds of people here.” 


Leanne painting

Leanne Venier/Professional Artist

How long have you participated in E.A.S.T.?

“This is my third year.”

Where is a lot of your art located in Austin?

“I have more work at Hyde Park Bar & Grill, which is coming down the day of the tours.”

 Tours provide the opportunity to visit over 150 studios in East Austin. Studio tours begin November 14-22 at 10 AM. Contact Big Medium  for more information.

If you have a story suggestion, send an e-mail to


Study? No. Beer? Yes.

First off, I just want to introduce myself. I’m Samantha Borger and I’m a journalism senior at the University of Texas. I’ll be posting about Night Owl-ish activities every Wednesday and Thursday for you. I plan on focusing more on the restaurant and bar scene in Austin after dark. I’m so excited to see what corners of Austin our blog ends up uncovering!

It’s Tuesday and sitting at your desk studying is the last thing you want to do. Cain & Abel’s dollar beer night is but a hop, skip and a jump around the corner, and the Tuesday night special is just $1 for domestic bottles of beer.

Every Tuesday I walk home from class around 5 pm with a “to-do” list running through my head. Laundry. Groceries. Blog post. Read this. Answer that. Study those. And then I get the inevitable question via text message:

“Are you going out tonight?”

followed by a

“Come on, you know you want to.”

Well of course I want to! The real question is, do I have time? Remember that to-do list? And you might be thinking…who goes out on a Tuesday night anyway? Well, it’s harder to resist when you find out the cheap cheap price of fun for this weekday treat.

While the $1 special on Coors Lite, Bud Lite, Miller Lite and Budweiser actually applies all day, the party doesn’t really get going until after 9 pm. By 11 pm it’s nearly impossible to find a table, even though the bar and restaurant includes upstairs and outdoor patio seating.

Located in the West Campus area of Austin, Cain & Abel’s crowd tends to be mainly UT students. In fact, one can tell on which weeks students have the most mid-terms based on the length of the line out the door on a Tuesday night. Its location is so convenient that most of the people it attracts are those who can walk themselves there. That means you don’t need to call/pay for a cab or wait for a bus if you want to drink.

Cain & Abel’s, or just “Abel’s” as some patrons choose to shorten it to, is definitely not a dance club. They have two pool tables (one downstairs, one upstairs), a Foosball table and a jukebox that is more likely to be playing ’80s pop or classic rock than Hip-Hop. Overall, it’s more of a place to socialize, mingle with other students, and run into people you know.

Unfortunately, besides Eric, the longtime bartender, service at this establishment is definitely sub-par. They serve food until 11 pm, but you’ll probably have to flag a server down yourself or just put your order in at the bar if you want to eat in a timely manner.

So, night owls, if you’re looking for an alternative to studying on a Tuesday night, I recommend Cain & Abel’s as a convenient and economic choice.

2313 Rio Grande St
Austin, TX 78705
Hours: 11am-2am
(512) 476-3201