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Samantha Borger Samantha Borger is a print journalism senior at the University of Texas. Known for being a night owl since she was a child growing up in Fort Worth, Samantha rarely goes to bed before midnight, so she knows a thing or two about staying entertained into the wee hours of the night. She enjoys listening to music, staying up to date on the news, copy editing, multimedia, reading/writing blogs and finding new places to socialize. Feel free to contact her at if you have any suggestions or questions.

Grant Derigo Grant Derigo is a musician, writer and journalism major at The University of Texas.  He has been playing guitar for 12 years.  He also plays the lap steel, the banjo, the mandolin and is currently studying sitar and tabla.  He enjoys many different cultural styles of music, but his true passion is the blues.  For more on great artists, shows, music biz news and some of his music check out

Erin Harris Erin Harris is a senior at UT-Austin studying broadcast journalism. She has never been much of a night owl as her sleep is precious to her. Ideally she’d get 8-10 hours of sleep; but between homework, loud friends and the computer (Facebook, Twitter, news), this is rarely possible. So… she’s excited to change up her nightly routine and explore Austin’s late-night adventures! If you have any suggestions for good round-the-clock restaurants, activities, or places, feel free to e-mail her at

Katherine R.Katherine Robinson is originally from San Antonio, TX. She is a senior broadcast journalism, and she will graduate in May from The University of Texas at Austin. Her two favorite journalists are Robin Roberts (Good Morning America) and  Soledad O’Brien (CNN Correspondent). Katherine’s main goal is to become a great reporter just like Roberts and O’Brien. If you have any suggestions for blog ideas, please send an e-mail to  Hook ‘em Horns!


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