1-800-222-1222, Save a Life

The general purpose of this blog is to inform people of fun activities to do at night. While we do not endorse drug use, we understand that it is a very common practice. With this in mind we would like to inform you of a very important number to know in case you or anyone you know ever ingests harmful chemicals.


is the Texas Poison Control Network hotline. According to their Web site:

Your call will be answered by one of the specialists at the Poison Center. These experts are trained nurses and pharmacists who specialize in poisoning emergency treatment and poison prevention.

The poison specialist will help you to decide if you need to go to a hospital. Most poisonings are not life threatening and can be handled at home with the help of a specialist, saving you time and money.

If the victim has collapsed or is not breathing, call 911 for an ambulance.

The poison control network urges people not to try to treat poisonings themselves and if they know someone has been poisoned, they should call 911 immediately and not wait for signs of poisoning.


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