Morning Art Tours on the Eastside

Today at my internship with KXAN Austin News, I interviewed a few local Austin artists. This was one of the few interviews I was allowed to do by myself, so I was super excited! It was just me and Frank, the cameraman. The story I worked on is for the upcoming E.A.S.T. (East Austin Studio Tours) event.

The tours started in 2002 with only 20 artists. Today the tours showcase over 300 artists exhibiting—art, furniture, jewelry, paintings and more.  This is a FREE event,  but bring your check book just in case you want to make a purchase.

Since I’m currently interning at KXAN I’m not allowed to take any footage/audio—that hasn’t aired—from the interviews and post them on this blog. But since I interviewed each person I posted a few of their comments below and snapped a few candid photos. The reporter’s story will air Friday morning, November 13, between 5 -7 AM on channel four. If you miss the show, there will be more information on the KXAN website.


Adam showing Frank artAdam Carnes/Organizer of E.A.S.T

Where are the tour stops?

“All of the tour stops are in East Austin. [Tours are] east of I-35 and north of the river.”

Are you all doing the Yellow Bike Project this year?

 “Yes… the Yellow Bike Project fixes up bicycles and paints them yellow. You can pick up  a bike and ride it to another stop on the tour or leave the bike and get another one.”

What do the artists sell at E.A.S.T?

“It varies from studio to studio but you can buy t-shirts for $15. Some of the paintings [sell] for thousands of dollars. All of the artists keep the proceeds for their own sales. E.A.S.T. doesn’t get any part of their commission.”

                                                Brian Halloran/Painter Brian adding finishing touches

Describe what the event is like for an artist.

“Well this is my first time doing it. The event hasn’t even started yet, but there have already been hundreds of people here.” 


Leanne painting

Leanne Venier/Professional Artist

How long have you participated in E.A.S.T.?

“This is my third year.”

Where is a lot of your art located in Austin?

“I have more work at Hyde Park Bar & Grill, which is coming down the day of the tours.”

 Tours provide the opportunity to visit over 150 studios in East Austin. Studio tours begin November 14-22 at 10 AM. Contact Big Medium  for more information.

If you have a story suggestion, send an e-mail to klrobin501@aol.com.

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