Africa comes to UT

About an hour ago, I went to UT’s Annual Fest Africa on Main Mall. The event is the biggest showcase of African talent on  The University of Texas campus. Different acts sing, dance, and read poetry to the audience. Most performances displayed the many unique cultural qualities of Africa. It was fun but, I was not blown away with excitement compared to previous shows.

Fest Africa Audience

Fest Africa 011


Even the food was different. Two UT seniors, who are a part of the ASA organization and wanted to remain anonymous, complained about the food. “The rice was dry…the only thing I enjoyed was the plantain.”

Each year I’ve gone to the event, I have always left wanting more. Unfortunately this year, I left and did not feel the same way toward Fest Africa. But I really was impressed with the educational background The  African Student Association portrayed. In between one performance the hostesses spoke about positive and negative influences in Africa.

My personal favorite was the acknowledgment of Nelson Mandela and some things he did to help end apartheid. Another educational segment was about what they’ve done on helping Darfur.  ASA did a good job on coordinating their theme, ‘the heroes, the people and the villains’ into some performances.

Fest Africa 007

Nelson Mandela

There were a few highlights from the event. For instance, I loved the fashion show. They had a lot of beautiful traditional African clothing. All of the models looked great, but the shirtless men defiantly stole the show. As soon as the oiled up, caramel-skin men came out, the ladies cheered. All of a sudden the dying crowd suddenly woke up. Then I was blinded by flashbulbs coming from everywhere. I wish the crowd would have been a little bit more respectful to each performance and I know the show would have been a lot better. ASA’s next major event is Miss Fest Africa.

Fashion Show

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