TGIT (Thank Goodness It’s Thursday)

This semester I have been blessed with NO FRIDAY CLASSES, the holy grail of college schedules, in my opinion. This means that when Thursday comes around, my weekend has officially started. Here are some of the things I usually end up doing on Thursdays, seeing as I can afford to lose the sleep.


Cain & Abels — as I have mentioned before, this is one of my favorite places to hang out near campus. The special on Thursdays is $6 Texas Teas all day long. Out of context, this might not seem like a deal, but usually these large drinks served in mason jars are $8 a pop!

Lil’ Woodrow’s — With locations on the drag, West 6th, Parmer, South Park Meadows and Bee Caves, Lil’ Woodrow’s is kind of ubiquitous around Austin these days. Thursdays on the drag offer 25 oz. mugs of domestics and premium domestics for $4.

Plucker’s (Rio Grande) — At Plucker’s wing bar, Thursdays are Tijuana Thursdays featuring $2 margaritas and Tecates, $2.50 for all other Mexican beers and $4 Mexican martinis.

**DOWNTOWN (note: there are limitless night owl activities available on Thursday nights downtown, these are just a few that I have personally partaken in and enjoyed)

photo by John R Rogers

6th street (photo by John R. Rogers)

Alamo Drafthouse Ritz — Tonight you have three choices: Michael Jackson sing-a-long, Heathers quote-a-long or a showing of the new Michael Jackson movie This Is It. Obviously this is more than just a movie theater. They provide a full dinner menu along with beer, wine and some cocktails. I have plans of attending a sing-a-long next Thursday and will definitely be reporting back on it!

Shakespeare’s — Every Thursday, this 6th street dive offers $5 pitchers of any “well” drink. Plan on taking a cab or the e-bus home after that!

Cedar Street Courtyard — With its large, multi-level outdoor patio on 4th street in the warehouse district, this venue is perfect Austin’s fall weather. Cedar Street is known for its live entertainment, usually cover bands, and a full bar. Thursdays have lately featured Skyrocket!, the winner of SXSW 2007’s Best Cover Band. They play mostly 70’s and 80’s party hits.

Peckerhead’s, Maggie Mae’s and Mooseknuckle — all on 6th street, all have $2 you-call-its.

I know there are tons more Thursday night owl activities for central Austinites. Leave your favorites in the comments section and have fun and be safe tonight!

2 Responses to “TGIT (Thank Goodness It’s Thursday)”

  1. November 5, 2009 at 3:23 pm

    I bet Thursday is definitely less crowded than Tuesday at Cain’s so I may need to try that out. Love Plucker’s, in fact, I had it for lunch today and of course the classic DT Thursday spots like Maggie Mae’s and Shakespeare’s are a staple for college students. Good stuff!

  2. 2 Cassandra Hernandez
    November 9, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    I love that picture that you put up, absolutely beautiful! I don’t drink really, so the drink specials don’t necessarily appeal to me. But I absolutely love doing Alamo events, I think they are awesome. Master Pancake Theater is the best. Thanks for the post!

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