Study? No. Beer? Yes.

First off, I just want to introduce myself. I’m Samantha Borger and I’m a journalism senior at the University of Texas. I’ll be posting about Night Owl-ish activities every Wednesday and Thursday for you. I plan on focusing more on the restaurant and bar scene in Austin after dark. I’m so excited to see what corners of Austin our blog ends up uncovering!

It’s Tuesday and sitting at your desk studying is the last thing you want to do. Cain & Abel’s dollar beer night is but a hop, skip and a jump around the corner, and the Tuesday night special is just $1 for domestic bottles of beer.

Every Tuesday I walk home from class around 5 pm with a “to-do” list running through my head. Laundry. Groceries. Blog post. Read this. Answer that. Study those. And then I get the inevitable question via text message:

“Are you going out tonight?”

followed by a

“Come on, you know you want to.”

Well of course I want to! The real question is, do I have time? Remember that to-do list? And you might be thinking…who goes out on a Tuesday night anyway? Well, it’s harder to resist when you find out the cheap cheap price of fun for this weekday treat.

While the $1 special on Coors Lite, Bud Lite, Miller Lite and Budweiser actually applies all day, the party doesn’t really get going until after 9 pm. By 11 pm it’s nearly impossible to find a table, even though the bar and restaurant includes upstairs and outdoor patio seating.

Located in the West Campus area of Austin, Cain & Abel’s crowd tends to be mainly UT students. In fact, one can tell on which weeks students have the most mid-terms based on the length of the line out the door on a Tuesday night. Its location is so convenient that most of the people it attracts are those who can walk themselves there. That means you don’t need to call/pay for a cab or wait for a bus if you want to drink.

Cain & Abel’s, or just “Abel’s” as some patrons choose to shorten it to, is definitely not a dance club. They have two pool tables (one downstairs, one upstairs), a Foosball table and a jukebox that is more likely to be playing ’80s pop or classic rock than Hip-Hop. Overall, it’s more of a place to socialize, mingle with other students, and run into people you know.

Unfortunately, besides Eric, the longtime bartender, service at this establishment is definitely sub-par. They serve food until 11 pm, but you’ll probably have to flag a server down yourself or just put your order in at the bar if you want to eat in a timely manner.

So, night owls, if you’re looking for an alternative to studying on a Tuesday night, I recommend Cain & Abel’s as a convenient and economic choice.

2313 Rio Grande St
Austin, TX 78705
Hours: 11am-2am
(512) 476-3201

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